Generally health magazines teach the general public about the health problems in basic and clean language. It is no different in India. Most health magazines cover an array of topics which might be relevant to the practitioners and public alike. They give valuable inputs to laymen to be able to lead a normal life. Hence, there are lots of takers just for this in the printing industry. That is why other magazines have devoted some space for printing matter relevant to health and medicine. Well-known health magazines generally present the viewpoints and suggestions of reputed doctors in various specialties for your consumption of patients, their relatives along with the other people from the society. There are magazines that will get published in local vernacular languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, etc. Generally, medical magazines in vernacular languages have higher subscription rates when compared with those published in English language. Anyhow, we’d be discussing on this page top health magazines published in English language while they have wider audience, including those from across the nation and from abroad.

Health Magazines in India

They generally cover lots of topics that cover anything from personal healthcare to latest advances in medical sciences. They also discuss the implications these advances on the perspective with the society in order that ordinary mortals can simply understand them. They also give well-founded perspective on healthcare easily obtainable in India for assortment of disease conditions which are prevalent in India. They also talk around the best practices offered by hospitals to mitigate the sufferings of an individual. Certain magazines have personalized wellness and nutrition information to its customers. You can find numerous quite popular magazines published in local vernacular languages too.

Top Health Magazines

This listing may change using the passage of your energy. Again, the parameters used by judging the magazines could differ in annually. Hence, one cannot expect exactly the same order within the list for your next year. We can expect new additions or deletions from the new list. The list is prepared in accordance with the inputs from different stakeholders inside industry. In this article, we might be listing best ten health magazines which have a large number of subscriptions in India.

  1. Complete Wellbeing Magazine
  2. Apollo Life Magazine
  3. Be Positive Magazine
  4. Arogya Mangalam Magazine
  5. CIMS Magazine
  6. Dental Events Magazine
  7. Clinical Dentistry Magazine
  8. Clean and Hygiene Review
  9. Archives of International Medicine Magazine
  10. Ayurvedic Drug Index
Top 10 Health Magazines

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