I happen to be acquainted with the Reader’s Digest Magazine, Asian Edition from the time that my teens through my benevolent Dad. Dad bought those editions occasionally and after he ended with them, I took the liberty to learn them. “Points to Ponder” and “Drama in Real Life” were eye openers to me. I realized the worth of my well being during dark hours and re-read those to feel motivated and joyous again.

About the Magazine:

Reader’s Digest, the Asian Edition is really a widely read magazine. And especially it offers now vigorous categories than before for instance, “Kindness to Strangers”, “Smart Animals”, “Technology” and “Books & Movies”. Like before, the Cover Story, Drama in Real Life, Self-Help and Health Categories have become helpful, enticing and rewarding for individuals. The parts “Laughter, the Best Medicine”, “Life’s Like That” and “All inside a Day’s Work” are equally fun, humorous and attractive. What more, we could contribute anecdotes, jokes and stories according to our lives in several categories of course, if the editors want to publish them inside the magazine, only then do we have the opportunity to have paid starting from $50 to $250 based upon the category. I myself might wish to contribute my very own story for this wonderful magazine someday and I would definitely be within the moon when it were selected for publishing.

About the Editors:

The editors on this renowned magazine, with their teams, will deliever hard in Singapore Headquarters making it content-rich quality-wise and try to be accurate at the same time with respect to the information, formatting, sentence structures as well as others. Thumbs nearly them!! I really appreciate their work and choice of selections which might be definitely praiseworthy. Although I are already hooked on to self-help books and programs for many years, I have turned my attention to the good old magazine at the same time and I realize that there are more varieties here, more pleasurable, and a lot of to learn.

Reviewer’s Recommendation:

I would recommend Asian Readers to possess copies in the Reader’s Digest every so often and experience them meticulously. You will not only gain lightheartedness but grab interesting principles of life. About American and European readers among others, Reader’s Digest magazines will tend to be available in a nearby book stores but I cannot recommend what you would be like because I have not went through the editions these regions. Most probably they rock much like the Asian editions. So it’s worth giving an attempt; obtain a month’s copy and discover for yourself how you will like it. Chances are they can become your pet magazine!!

Review of the Reader’s Digest Magazine

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