There are many unanswered questions I have about 9/11. As someone who handled ground zero, in New York City, the initial week right after the attack, I can truly say I love my country and am patriotic. I drove a car rental from Florida as much as ground zero to figure, when the many airports were de-activate.

Minutes before President Bush arrived days as soon as the attack and gave his ground zero speech, the response in the firemen, NYPD, and rescue workers was electric. They were all gathered around, some looking at bulldozers and equipment, shouting “USA! USA! USA!” It was undoubtedly my most patriotic moment just as one American.

President Bush said, “Whoever knocked these buildings down will hear from most of us.” What is eery about 9/11 are all on the unanswered questions, inconsistencies of data, and also the Bush administration’s concealment with the truth. By withdrawing and withholding details about Saudi Arabia and Venice, FL pertinent on the events surrounding 9/11, President George W. Bush and Governor Jeb Bush of Florida make themselves equally suspect.

It isn’t a news that President Bush would rather kiss and hold hands using the Saudi royal family. The Bush family is definitely drawn to and a part of oil. Considering Saudi Arabia was particularly thinking about Iraqi oil and protecting their Sunni brothers in Babylon, it turned out they who gave Bush & Co. the theory to invade Iraq in 2003. President Bush was considering invading Iraq before 9/11. VP Cheney consistently answers towards the Saudi royal family. Remember his rush visit in 2006, when he was beckoned with the Saudi king to create Thanksgiving leftovers on Friday – a 1 day emergency stop by at discuss Iraq and Saudi interests in the community.

This being said, it is not any surprise why the Bush administration would like to remove documents detailing Saudi involvement in 9/11. The other unanswered questions worth addressing to me are why Mohamed Atta and his awesome men were frequenting in Venice, FL. Venice is 2nd from the State of Florida with an elderly populace. Why would Mohamed Atta with his fantastic men elect to base their operation outside of Venice?

Go to Blockbuster and rent the DVD “Conspiracy – The Secret History: Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus” and discover for yourself.

It is well known fact that Atta plus the boys liked to frequent strip clubs in Miami, Sarasota, Daytona Beach, and Las Vegas. These guys weren’t your typical Muslims and also no means were devout of their faith. They hung out at Harry’s Bar in New York through the piano. They drank rum and vodka for many hours.

Atta and his awesome flying circus spoke great English, dressed impeccably, carried briefcases, and were the ideal consumers. Before the attack of 9/11 they returned the car hire they had got at Warwick Rental Car Enterprise, which interestingly isn’t listed inside yellow pages, neither would it be registered as being a business from the state of Florida. Warwick feels like a business operation the CIA could be involved in. Atta & company rented two cars over five weeks through the rental agency.

Arab pilots flooded Venice, FL to go two flight schools to get a year. Both flight schools were Dutch owned and operated. Interestingly enough, the FBI’s timeline on Mohamed Atta with the exceptional conspirators in aviation never mentioned Venice. The FBI knew of terrorists training at Rudi Dekkers flight school for many years.

Just how badly did the CIA desire to cover up Venice into their investigation? Pretty earnestly through the looks of Florida Governor Jeb Bush up to speed of a military cargo plane with two Rider trucks stuffed with documents from Rudi Dekkers flight school where Atta and also the gang were flying. The FBI never had reached finish the investigation of Venice as well as the Dekkers flight school as President George W. Bush halted their investigation and redirected their awareness of working on anthrax. It sort of makes you wonder if just maybe the CIA was behind the anthrax debacle to sidetrack the FBI elsewhere away from your biggest 9/11 crime scene in Venice?

Some aviation companies to analyze which use each others names often “doing business as” (DBA) who were linked to Arab pilots and also have very probable CIA links are:

  • Casablanca Air
  • FLAir
  • Huffman Aviation
  • Jones Aviation (Sarasota, FL)
  • Florida Flight Training Center
  • Sunrise Airlines (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Express Air (Phoenix, AZ)

The Washington Post on September 15 verified Mohamed Atta attended aerospace school in Alabama plus a naval air station in Pensacola, FL.

Some repeat the foreknowledge issue a red herring. Many allege the “Islamic Brigades” undoubtedly are a creation with the CIA understanding that Al Qaeda is categorized just as one “intelligence asset”. It is believed by some that supporting to terrorist organizations is an essential part of U.S. foreign policy, legitimizing and necessitating our ongoing clandestine operations.

The Venice Municipal Airport sure shut its mouth when investigations about Ruddi Dekkers became commonplace. It form of suspiciously reminds me of Barry Seal as well as the drug dealings of Mena, Arkansas. Rudi’s big backer in Naples, FL enabled a person who was behind on his rent to get a successful businessman rolling within the millions. As with the two Dutch nationals, both purchased their flight schools a similar year before the many Arabs began appearing for training. Interesting coincidences indeed.

The Gondolier Sun in Venice, FL referred to it as “Evil in Our Backyard.” A Sarasota county interdiction order told everybody to stay away on the Venice operation as that it was “governmentally protected.” It seems the Bush’s also visit Venice. Perhaps this explains with the 23 helicopters that disappeared as time passes in Charlotte county.

Ironically Rudi Dekkers was later asked to advice Congress on the way to combat terrorism from the aviation industry. Not bad for any guy charged of sexual harassment of your 18 y/o girl.

It seems Ringling Brothers Circus, the OSS (a precursor for the CIA), as well as the Italian American Club all have strong ties to Venice, FL.

According to Ex-Director with the CIA, Richard Helms, who testified over the Cold War, the business has the largest aviation company and fleet within the world.

Maybe this explains why President George W. Bush sat quietly and study “My Pet Goat” for a few moments after being informed from the attack in New York City (NYC). He thought it had been more important to smoke cigars with Prince Bandar of Saudi before he attended ground zero to gauge the damage.

Marvin Bush headed security for the world trade center in New York City. Go to YouTube watching videos on the attack and you’ll hear a surge several minutes following the planes had already crashed. Many firemen and folks down below inside towers also mention hearing explosions. Moreover a lot of people who worked on the world trade center mentioned security keeping th

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